When your vehicle decides to take a dive while in transit to your destination, having a disabled vehicle can be stressful. Hoping someone can get to you quickly and help you back on your way can be a bit of a challenge if you haven’t prepared yourself for some roadside assistance. For people in North Texas or South Oklahoma, JW Wrecker & Towing can respond to your roadside emergency quickly and give you assistance. Be sure to program our number in your cell phone to get a hold of us quickly and conveniently.

What to Do When Stranded on the Side of the Road

In the meantime, we at JW Wrecker & Towing will like to offer you some tips to when your vehicle is in need of roadside assistance.
1) Avoid leaving your broken down car in traffic.
First thing to do if your vehicle takes a turn for the worse is to get it out of traffic, but only if it is safe to do so and you are physically able. If at all possible, push it in a straight path. If the possibility arises, and you are within traffic laws, you can attempt to coast your vehicle off of the roads. Be as far from the road as possible to avoid any collisions with traffic. Be sure to flip on your hazard lights, especially if your vehicle is stuck in the middle of traffic.
2) Get your non running vehicle noticed.
Following the safety measures of getting your vehicle out of the path of traffic, you want to make sure your vehicle is noticed among motorists, law enforcement, and your roadside provider. Next to ensuring your hazard lights on, whether it is day or night, turn on the interior lights for extra visibility. Only if it is safe, and to get your vehicle obviously noticeable as well as if you have in your possession, utilize road safety flares or hazard triangles, and place them accordingly. Raise your hood up too; this is a sure indication that your vehicle is disabled and alert traffic of your vehicle’s status.
3) Call for roadside assistance.
Once you and your vehicle are safe, and your vehicle is noticeable, calling for help is next on the list. If you are trapped in traffic, law enforcement can come to your aid, contact the local law enforcement and your roadside and towing company. Contacting services is simple enough with the convenience of cell phones. If you find your cell phone is not charged, or you have no service, there are service phones found along the highway.

Emergency Roadside Assistance Services in Alvord, Sadler, Muenster, Decatur, Bowie TX & North Texas, Marietta OK & South Oklahoma

If the situation is safe, it is optimal to stay in your vehicle. If it is your preference and it is safe, you can wait outside your vehicle, behind safety barriers. If traffic is extreme, and you are waiting in your vehicle, keep your seat belt on. When you find yourself in need of roadside assistance, contact JW Wrecker & Towing, our experts will get your running, or towed to your mechanic or home for your convenience.