JW Wrecker has compiled a list of the most common services you may be inquiring about, as well as the remedies that we offer in case of such situations.

24 Hour Emergency Towing and Auto Wrecker

As you are driving along US-287 or US-77 and all of a sudden, your car slows down to a halt and you haven’t a clue as to why your car won’t run. Everything appears to be intact, but you do not know what’s wrong with the vehicle. For this situation, JW Wrecker offers Flatbed Towing Services, where we safely secure your vehicle atop one of our well maintained flatbed tow trucks. This allows us to transport your car to a safe location where you can diagnose its mishap.

Auto Wrecker and Fast Accident Scene Response, Rollover Service and Off-Road Recovery

Nobody enjoys being in a car accident. The shock alone can send you into a tail spin of worry and concern. When your vehicle is involved in an accident, call JW Wrecker for fast accident scene response. We will take care of your car so you can worry about more important things – like the health and comfort of yourself and your passengers. Rollover car accidents are no problem. And if your vehicle is stranded off road in a ditch for example, we can carefully winch it out for you.

Emergency Jump Start and Battery Replacement

When you get up in the morning and find out your car won’t start, you may notice that you forgot to turn off the headlights the night before. For this situation, we offer an expert jump start service, where we jump start your dead car battery back to life! If your battery problem is a little more serious, we also offer a battery replacement to get you back on the road quickly.

Auto Lockout Emergencies

It has most likely happened to all of us at one time or another. You are busily out running errands and suddenly realize you don’t have the ability to enter your vehicle. Upon further inspection, you notice that your keys have been locked in your car. Don’t panic! For this situation, our vehicle unlocking service can safely obtain your keys without damaging your vehicle allowing you to finish those errands.

Tire Changes

When you suffer a tire blowout or even just a flat tire, it isn’t advisable that you keep driving. The best thing to do is to safely pull over and call JW Wrecker. We’ll come out to wherever you are and expertly change your tire for you.

Gas Delivery

Life is hectic. You don’t always have time to pay attention to the fuel gauge … or sometimes you do but try to stretch it out as long as you can without having to stop for gas. When you run out of fuel or other necessary fluids in your vehicle, JW Wrecker will deliver enough gas to get you out of harm’s way and to the nearest gas station.