Quite a few consumers will have their questions, no matter the industry, to get a better understanding of the basic fundamentals, services, and procedures. There is no better source than from the professionals themselves when you need answers to the questions. Considering this, we at JW Wrecker & Towing would like to take the opportunity to answer a handful of the most commonly asked questions regarding towing services. For any further questions, do not hesitate to call us directly and we will happily answer them.

Towing Questions & Answers

Question: Is there a specific license from the DMV a tow truck driver needs?
Answer: Most companies hire those with a clean driving records, though tow truck drivers only need special certifications.
Question: Are custom-lowered vehicles capable of getting towed?
Answer: Conventional methods are generally applied for lowered vehicles that are in a need of tow, but special accommodation can always be met.
Question: Are there multiple options for towing a vehicle?
Answer: Multiple methods of towing exist. Wheel-lift tow, flatbed tow, and frame-lift towing methods are among the most commonly used. There is an optimal method for each circumstance no matter if your motor cycle, classic or vintage vehicle needs towing, or even your motorcycle.
Question: Will vehicles get damaged while being towed?
Answer: Efficient towing does not damage a vehicle. The vehicle is securely fastened to the platform with flatbed towing options and others will leave two wheels riding on its own suspension to absorb the bumps along the way.
Question: Following an accident, why should my vehicle be towed to the tow yard?
Answer: The insurance company will be responsible for the tow and accruing charges as it sits in the yard, prompting them to tend to the vehicle faster to avoid late charges. Not only so, at the tow yard, you can avoid the jumbled heap bringing down your home’s aesthetic.
Question: Is their specialized training for tow truck drivers?
Answer: Tow truck professionals are mandated to participate in advanced training programs.
They are subject to testing and certification after they finish their required hours. In addition to their special certification training, professional drivers continue their education to maintain their expertise and learn modernized techniques and equipment.
Question: Is my “all-wheel-drive” vehicle required to find a flatbed tow truck for towing needs?
Answer: Not necessarily, for every individual need, professionals offer the most optimal solution specific to the circumstances.
Question: For automatic transmission vehicles, is it better to tow with the drive wheels on the ground?
Answer: This is a consideration as long as the distance and speed is limited.
Question: With so many different makes, models, and year vehicles, how do professionals remember all the ways to tow these specifically?
Answer: The standard equipment a tow truck driver possesses is designed to accommodate most vehicle and is in accordance to the manufacturer’s guidelines are met to ensure safe towing. Experience comes proficiency when it comes to dealing with the various makes and professionals understand the needs. Should a have a unique circumstance present itself, professionals can contact the manufacturers for proper protocols.

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